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Acupuncture is a scientifically proven, safe and useful treatment for many physical and mental disorders (including pain management, stress, infertility, depression, tinnitus, insomina, rehabilitation, sports injury, and obesity among other), especially when performed by highly qualified practitioners. 

Dr. Xuefei Wu, a PhD laureate in Acupuncture from the Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine,  licensed, and with more than 2 decades of experience offers a unique comprehensive acupuncture therapy combined with fire-cupping and Tuina massage, ensuring better and faster results. 

Take the opportunity and book the one-hour nonstop session and see yourself what results one of the finest acupuncturists in the world has to offer!


Jun 11, 2013 Written by 

The mechanism of acupuncture



For more than 3,500 years, acupuncture-which has its origin in China- has been providing relief to people around the world.

Acupuncture has recently been identified in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine as a potential therapeutic procedure for which there is good scientific evidence. Traditional Chinese medicine is usually characterized as having a unique pathophysiological concept of disease, key components of which are the flow of Qi(pronounced “chee”), a kind of energy. The absence of a clear distinction between body and soul, known as “mind-soul unity. Based on this unique concept, psychogenic disorders are understood as conditions caused by the abnormal flow of Qi; this understanding is sufficient even when western medicine is unable, through examination of the body or brain using modern technology, to link the condition to a precise cause. The concept of Qi and the mechanisms that regulate Qi are not understood precisely.

Nevertheless Qi it is an important concept in understanding the human being as a self-regulatory organism. The Qi circulates throughout our body, from the top of our head to the soles of our feet. When we experience good health, this energy flows unobstructed along pathways in the body called meridians. Each meridian is believed to be connected to a specific organ system, and when an energy flow is disrupted by a disease or an injury, illness or pain occurs. Acupuncture is then used to balance the flow of Qi and stimulate our body’s spontaneous healing system.

As it says in Chinese medicine. There is no pain if it is free flow(Qi), and it is pain if there is no free flow(Qi).

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